Race Rules

The following rules are established for safety, fairness and decency. The CandleLight 12 Hour is intended to be a competitive but also a fun event. No one on the race committee wants to be in the position of policing the runners. The last thing we want to have to do is to disqualify (DQ) a runner. Nevertheless, we will enforce the rules. At the race committee's discretion, a minor offense, where advantage is not gained, will result in a warning to the runner. Also at the race committee's discretion, major infractions, or minor ones by runners who have already had one warning, will result in a DQ. Please, please. please follow the rules, and everyone - the runners and those of us on the committee - will be extremely happy.

  • Race participants are not required to stay to remain with the race for entire 12 hours.
  • Race participants are allowed to leave the course. Race participants must re-enter the course at the same spot where they left the course.
  • Race participants can receive aid from their handlers only in the area designated for individual aid stations.
  • Pacing is not allowed.


We assume that whether runners are moving fast or slow at any given time, all are trying for their best performance. Thus there is no need to move out of the way for someone who may want to pass. Stay on the right side on designated course unless you are passing slower runner/walker. Faster runners/walkers should generally assume that they will have to pass slower runners/walkers on the left side. When running/walking in groups please make sure you leave enough passing room for faster participants on the left side.


  • Relay team must have at least two but no more that four members
  • Each relay team gets BIB that will be attached to BIB belt before the start. BIB belt serves as relay baton.
  • It's up to each team to decide the order, length in distance or time for each team member.
  • There is no minimum distance or time requirement per each team member and there are no rules for the rotation within relay team.
  • If desired teams are allowed to pass the BIB belt after every lap or every hour or else.
  • Team can start with only two team members during first 6 hours and let other two members rotate during last 6 hours of the race.
  • Rest of the rules are the same as for solo runner


  • Run as many laps/miles as you can in 12 hours
  • One lap is 1.07 mile long. One lap counts for 1.07 miles, two laps - 2.14 miles, ten laps - 10.7 miles and so on.
  • Whoever completes most laps/miles is the winner of the race.
  • Only full laps count. No partial laps

Overnight Ultra and Relays