Course Details

Course Details

One Lap is about about 1.07 miles long. Race course is mix of cross country, paved and unpaved surfaces but mostly cross country type of surface with rolling hills. Expect occasional horse-shoe made and tire track divots.

Course Map

Click here to view the race course on MapMyRun.

Main Aid Station

CandleLight 12 Hour will feature on aid station that will be located in the South Barn's doorway. Race course goes by the aid station twice around 0.3 mile mark and around 1.06 mile mark.

Personal Aid Station

Personal aid stations are allowed only on the south end of EquiCenter Farm - between the tree line and south fence of the EquiCenter Farm. On the race course personal aid station strip starts around mile 0.2 and ends at 0.27.

Participants are allowed to set up personal aid station on ether side of the course. There are no restrictions of type of personal aid stations can be set up - it could be just a bag with extra cloth, shows, etc. and it could be pop-up tent. Most popular personal aid station types are 10x10 popup tents, with folding table and folding chair, 2x6 camping tents. Regardless of what kind of personal aid station you choose to bring it's highly recommended that you bring folding chair for times when you have a desire to rest for few minutes before heading out for another loop. Personal aid stations occupying space bigger than 10x10 are not allowed unless they are shared with another participant or group of participants.

Race Picture 2016 gallery which contains few pictures of the personal aid stations from 2016 - pictures 3, 6, 9, 11 and 12a.


There will be three port-a-potties west of the South Barn available on the race day. Please note that the bathroom in the South Barn is strictly for volunteer use (this is a change from the inaugural race).


Overnight Ultra and Relays